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Be kind – Rewind!

When you’ve photographed as many cars as we have, there’s a tendency to reach for the same bag of tricks every time. After all, why run the risk of ruining the day by struggling with unfamiliar equipment? And so it goes; a couple of tripods, the digital Canon, the Phase One, various characteristic lenses, some reflectors, a few clamps and stands.

Beyond that, all you need is a crew at the right end of hungover, a talented photographer and great light.

So when film maker, Joe Wheatley, brought along his gran’s old VHS camcorder it seemed a needless handicap to the Wraith shoot. Who would have thought that we’d end up with this gloriously grizzly homage to what many consider to be the Roller’s lowest-ebb? Like finding an episode of Howard’s Way on the end of an old Star Wars tape, the results came as a surprise.

Take a look and be reminded how, with AV equipment and cars at least, sometimes things are better here in the future.