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Are we all on the same page?

At XL Responsive Vehicle Leasing things are done differently. From the way in which the organisation has manoeuvred itself into a power position with key dealerships and manufacturers so early in its existence to the unique leasing proposition upon which it trades, this isn’t an outfit constrained by the usual way of doing things. There are a million car leasing companies out there, some professional, others less so and when it comes to dealing with them one takes one’s chances. With XL, one thing is certain: what you see is what you get.

And what you see is pretty impressive. Apart from manufacturers, how many other automotive sector players put their money where their mouth is so obviously when it comes to their visual identity?

Be part of the story

You could be forgiven for thinking that when you see an image on the XL site that the photography supporting the brand has come directly from the press departments of Maranello, Stuttgart, Munich or Coventry.

But you’d be wrong – almost every image you see is an image of an actual XL car shot either in the studio or on one of the now-legendary annual product shoots on location.

Last year’s shoot in Glasgow and Glencoe produced such a feast for the eyes that XL went on to produce a book showing some of the best images as well as a couple of specially commissioned articles detailing the view from the inside. The driving was breathtaking, the days were long and the evenings were once in a lifetime. If you like what you see and if you feel that driving supercars around all day before enjoying the local hospitality at night is your sort of thing, then we have just the ticket.

What are you waiting for?

XL are inviting one lucky customer the opportunity to join them on the 2018 shoot on Ireland’s West Coast Wild Atlantic Highway. You must be of strong constitution and free for 7 days at the end of May – the Craic will be fun but intense. If you’ve got what it takes, send your name and age to a@xlltd.com with a fifty word explanation of why you should be there.