What’s included in a short-term car lease deal?
Our vehicle contracts include maintenance and tax, meaning all you have to take care of is fuel and insurance.

What kind of credit score do you need to lease a car?
Our credit checks are processed through Europe’s leading credit reference agency. We may also be able to provide lease deals to people and businesses with little-to-no credit history on occasion.

How long will it take for me to get a vehicle from XL?
Our vehicles are usually available for delivery/collection within 48 hours. We also often have ‘stock’ vehicles available at our office, so don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 001 6666 if you require something sooner or for just 1-2 months.

Can I have the vehicle delivered?
The majority of our clients require the vehicles to be delivered. There is a small charge based on delivery mileage that is chargeable. We can also collect clients from a number of train stations local to our offices.

Is the full selection of your available vehicles advertised online?
Yes our full selection of vehicles is available online.

What is the mileage allowance?
Our mileage allowance(s) vary between 1500 and 1950 miles per month.

Can I hire if I do not have a UK licence?
At XL we provide often vehicles to International Corporations, eligibility to drive our vehicles is down to the insurers and their restrictions to drive.

Will I need to visit your offices to sign each new contract?
No. We’ve made it as quick and convenient as possible by using an e-Sign system – one click and you’re done!

What documentation do I need to bring with me when receiving my new vehicle?
When collecting a lease vehicle, we will need to see proof of fully comprehensive insurance, as well as two proofs of address, i.e. passport and a utility bill or driving licence.

Will I be offered the same lease vehicle when I sign a new agreement?
We will try and offer a like-for-like replacement where possible. There will always be an equivalent vehicle available but we cannot guarantee the exact make or model will be available at your renewal point.

Do you offer long term lease contracts, such as 2 or 3-year agreements?
Many of our customers have chosen to stay with us for years and beyond by regularly renewing our 24-month car options.

Can you include insurance in the vehicle lease contract?
XL does not offer insurance. However, we do have excellent relationships with various brokers throughout the UK, so please do let us know if we can help you with this.

Can I get a business car lease if I’m self-employed?
Yes! Please speak to a member of our team or complete our on-line process.

Are there any tax or financial benefits from leasing a car from XL?
There are many tax and financial benefits to leasing a car for business. We would always recommend that you speak to your own financial advisor or accountant for more details.

Can I take my vehicle to Europe?
European rentals are restricted to all cars and can only be taken with prior arrangement.
The rules are always changing when it comes to the regulations of driving a vehicle abroad. Both the RAC and the AA have some great information on driving abroad and what you have to do depending on the EU country you are travelling to. For more information on driving in other EU countries, visit the RAC or AA website

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payments by most major credit/debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa Credit, Visa Debit. All rental payments should be paid by standing order.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
We take a non-refundable reservation fee when we order your vehicle. We take no other forms of deposit but the payments are calculated based on the term and mileage of the contracts.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?
In the event of a breakdown, please refer to the user handbook that will be supplied with the vehicle. If this handbook is not available, please contact our main office on 0800 001 6666 for full assistance.

What are your normal opening hours?
Our offices operate from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. Our operation is accessible online 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

How do I make a complaint?
At all times we aim to offer the utmost standard of care and customer service. However, if you are dissatisfied with a product or service you have received from XL, you should in the first instance contact XL and ask to speak to the person who provided the service.

We will accept a complaint which is a direct result of the sale or provision of a product or service from XL. The definition of a complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction from a customer (or a third party acting on behalf of a customer where authority has been granted).

Once you have discussed your complaint, should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you can submit your complaint to our Management team. You can call us, email us or write to us.

We will need:
A clear detailed description of what your complaint is about.
Copies of any letters, emails or correspondence concerning your complaint.
Your contact details, including your telephone number.

When you have made your complaint, we will:
Telephone you to acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receipt.
Investigate your complaint and deliver to you the outcome of that investigation, the rationale behind our decision and a resolution to the complaint including an explanation of any redress.

Contacting us:
Telephone: 0800 001 6666
Address: Wash Road, Bozan Hall, Kirton PE20 1QJ
Email: info@xlltd.com

How we're responding to COVID-19.

At XL we've introduced several measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Our head office is open for drop-offs and collections and all our vehicles are fully valeted and sterilised. Collections and drop-off staff all have full PPE including face masks, sanitising spray and hand cleaning fluid.

Our procedures for customers collecting vehicles:
  • New vehicles will be cleaned, sanitised and disinfected by our staff member, who will then place the keys on the windscreen and then go 2 metres away whilst the client goes to the vehicle to inspect it. Once our customer has checked and is happy with the vehicle a copy of the inspection report is emailed straight to them.
  • The handover is complete, and no contact is made between the customer and staff member. Spare gloves and sanitising wipes are available for our customers to use should they be required.
Our procedures for customers returning vehicles:
  • When a customer arrives with the vehicle our staff member will direct you to park the vehicle in a dedicated parking area and ask you to leave the vehicle, locking it and placing the keys on the windscreen. Once our customer has done this and is the required 2 metres away our staff member will approach the vehicle to disperse the sanitising/disinfecting fluid on the keys unlock and enter the vehicle sanitising the dashboard, steering wheel, handbrake, door and window controls, seat adjustment controls. Our staff member will then perform the initial visual checks inside the vehicle, such as mileage, servicing and fuel levels. A full external check of the vehicle is performed, along with tyres, under to bonnet and boot. Any new damage is noted. Once the inspection is complete a copy of the inspection will be emailed straight to the client.

Keep on keeping on... and stay safe!