High-spec, maintenance-free, with manageable payments? Because car worries shouldn’t be a thing.

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Leasing that’s like your motor

Modern life is stressful enough without your vehicle situation making itself known. At XL we understand the demands of daily motoring. That’s why we’ve created a product that deals with the pain points, leaving you to enjoy life free from the hassle of traditional ownership and car finance.

With nothing to pay up front, a fixed monthly payment and mileage allowances that practically guarantee you’re unlikely to get stung for over-usage, your motoring costs become manageable and predictable. Especially when you factor in that you aren’t tied into finance deals that impact heavily in on your credit score and lumber you with a dreaded balloon payment at the end of a four-year term.

And while we’re on the subject of four-year terms, who really wants to hold onto a car that long? When we make the biggest brands and the highest specs part of our fleet we expect you to want to change every twelve months (especially when some of our specifications, such as lane assist, can actually bring down your insurance premium). And with such flexibility built in, changing up or down according to you need or can afford, isn’t a problem.

Look into an XL Lease today- you won't look back.

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How we're responding to COVID-19.

At XL we've introduced several measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Our head office is open for drop-offs and collections and all our vehicles are fully valeted and sterilised. Collections and drop-off staff all have full PPE including face masks, sanitising spray and hand cleaning fluid.

Our procedures for customers collecting vehicles:
  • New vehicles will be cleaned, sanitised and disinfected by our staff member, who will then place the keys on the windscreen and then go 2 metres away whilst the client goes to the vehicle to inspect it. Once our customer has checked and is happy with the vehicle a copy of the inspection report is emailed straight to them.
  • The handover is complete, and no contact is made between the customer and staff member. Spare gloves and sanitising wipes are available for our customers to use should they be required.
Our procedures for customers returning vehicles:
  • When a customer arrives with the vehicle our staff member will direct you to park the vehicle in a dedicated parking area and ask you to leave the vehicle, locking it and placing the keys on the windscreen. Once our customer has done this and is the required 2 metres away our staff member will approach the vehicle to disperse the sanitising/disinfecting fluid on the keys unlock and enter the vehicle sanitising the dashboard, steering wheel, handbrake, door and window controls, seat adjustment controls. Our staff member will then perform the initial visual checks inside the vehicle, such as mileage, servicing and fuel levels. A full external check of the vehicle is performed, along with tyres, under to bonnet and boot. Any new damage is noted. Once the inspection is complete a copy of the inspection will be emailed straight to the client.

Keep on keeping on... and stay safe!