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With the 720S implication is absurd

"We've got 20 seconds..."

You’re making something to pique people’s interest in a very short period of time. You want viewers to walk away with the ‘key takeout’. You have a McLaren 720s, a beautiful evening, a van and a cinema camera. What do you do? Easy! You go for a triumphant burn down the A453 with two grown men hanging out of the back of a VW Transporter on climbing harnesses whilst trying to focus on the streak of silver bearing down on them.

And the key takeout?

Well, the car is more powerful than God and there’s a power station in the background. And just in case the analogy was missed you also superimpose the word ‘Power’ over the image.

This advertising game might not be rocket science exactly, but nor does it need to be when the car practically is.