XL People and their Cars
James Robinson

The Range Rover Autobiography


I’d always wanted a Range Rover

…ever since I saw one in that classic khaki in the eighties. At the time there was nothing like it on the road. I was smitten.

As the years went on the specifications got more and more luxurious. That just fanned the flames. I had to have one but there always seemed to be a reason to put it off.

Wastefulness was a consideration; for a long time it was just me and my partner in the house so such a massive vehicle seemed a bit obscene. Another was money. The finance, although manageable, was going to show on my credit report and I wanted to stay clean in that area in case I wanted to make some property moves.

Once my little one came along I looked at it again. I wanted her to be safe on the road and I figured that we’d be taking a lot more holidays in Britain, carting more stuff around.

So I got in touch with XL and took the plunge - now I’m paying less than I expected and the car is essentially invisible from a credit reference perspective. I wish I’d done it sooner.

How we're responding to COVID-19.

At XL we've introduced several measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Our head office is open for drop-offs and collections and all our vehicles are fully valeted and sterilised. Collections and drop-off staff all have full PPE including face masks, sanitising spray and hand cleaning fluid.

Our procedures for customers collecting vehicles:
  • New vehicles will be cleaned, sanitised and disinfected by our staff member, who will then place the keys on the windscreen and then go 2 metres away whilst the client goes to the vehicle to inspect it. Once our customer has checked and is happy with the vehicle a copy of the inspection report is emailed straight to them.
  • The handover is complete, and no contact is made between the customer and staff member. Spare gloves and sanitising wipes are available for our customers to use should they be required.
Our procedures for customers returning vehicles:
  • When a customer arrives with the vehicle our staff member will direct you to park the vehicle in a dedicated parking area and ask you to leave the vehicle, locking it and placing the keys on the windscreen. Once our customer has done this and is the required 2 metres away our staff member will approach the vehicle to disperse the sanitising/disinfecting fluid on the keys unlock and enter the vehicle sanitising the dashboard, steering wheel, handbrake, door and window controls, seat adjustment controls. Our staff member will then perform the initial visual checks inside the vehicle, such as mileage, servicing and fuel levels. A full external check of the vehicle is performed, along with tyres, under to bonnet and boot. Any new damage is noted. Once the inspection is complete a copy of the inspection will be emailed straight to the client.

Keep on keeping on... and stay safe!