XL People and their Cars
James Robinson

The Range Rover Autobiography


I’d always wanted a Range Rover

…ever since I saw one in that classic khaki in the eighties. At the time there was nothing like it on the road. I was smitten.

As the years went on the specifications got more and more luxurious. That just fanned the flames. I had to have one but there always seemed to be a reason to put it off.

Wastefulness was a consideration; for a long time it was just me and my partner in the house so such a massive vehicle seemed a bit obscene. Another was money. The finance, although manageable, was going to show on my credit report and I wanted to stay clean in that area in case I wanted to make some property moves.

Once my little one came along I looked at it again. I wanted her to be safe on the road and I figured that we’d be taking a lot more holidays in Britain, carting more stuff around.

So I got in touch with XL and took the plunge - now I’m paying less than I expected and the car is essentially invisible from a credit reference perspective. I wish I’d done it sooner.