XL People and their Cars

340i M Sport Touring


I wouldn’t say I’m a car person

Because I lived in the city and my job was basically office-based it wasn’t something I needed to think about. In fact, I didn’t even pass my test until a few years ago.

But things change. My career path meant I was travelling more and I had a daughter. I needed a car that was respectable enough for visiting and transporting clients during the day but with sufficient room for life with a new baby.

The 3 series touring is perfect. Stacks of room, remote boot opening, anchor points for prams but with great looks and speed. Importantly, it’s really good on fuel. I wanted something that could get me out of trouble but I didn’t want to be burning money!

Best of all though is the fact that I get to change it every year. The way I use it means it takes a bit of tough love.

The ability to always be driving around in the latest model, with the smell of new car, never gets boring.