XL People and their Cars

The Mercedes AMG GTS


At the end of the day,
I want what I want

We haven’t got a fleet manager here – we’re a small studio and our skill is making stuff look nice. Even if I had the temperament to negotiate doggedly on a deal for the motor I want, would I consider that the best use of my time? Probably not!

We use XL for a few reasons but the main one is that they love cars as much as I do. They understand the itch that has to be scratched…that feeling that, having seen your next car, draws you back to the configuring tool day after day.


So, I get the car I want with seriously competitive payments and I don't have to sit looking at it for years after I've had enough of it.

And everyone in our place is the same...we're a very visual outfit. Everyone wants the latest and most esoteric specs. Being able to change every nine months keeps everyone geed up.